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Here are the limitations of using a deer fence alone:

Deer can leap over 8-foot fences. Deer are extremely athletic and some of the greatest leapers of the animal kingdom. In one instance , a customer switched to DeerTech after finding a deer impaled on top of their 10-foot deer fence.

Deer can burrow under fences or push through it. Deer are extremely determined animals. If they smell or see tasty plants and they believe it is a safe feeding area, they will find away to get past deer fencing in NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA.

Deer Fencing is often unattractive. Many homeowners complain that wire deer fencing and fencing in general detracts from their natural views and in some cases obscures them. A wire deer fence is very unattractive and others do not like the prison compound feel that fencing brings to their property.

Deer Fencing is prohibitively expensive on large properties. Deer fencing on multi-acre properties can run tens of thousands of dollars.

Electric deer fencing is not advised in areas where there are children or pets. An electric deer fence can shock deer into leaving the area and can also shock children and pets. Additionally, some cities and towns have laws that prevent the use of electric deer fences.

Deer Fences require significant up keep. Installing the deer fence is just the first step. Keeping vines, and weeds from growing in the fence requires constant attention. Also, deer fences sustain damage on a regular basis from tree limbs that fall or when other animals dig under the fence.

Here are the limitations of deer treatment alone:

Weather can render deer treatment ineffective. A strong rain washes your liquid deer fence away. Even a thin coating of snow or ice neutralizes the scent.

Deer are often not afraid of predator scents when they are strong. Deer are built for speed and feel confident in their ability to outrun predators when there is no snow or ice on the ground.

The same deer treatment will not work all the time. Scents need to be changed seasonally to keep the deer off-balance, uncomfortable, and prevent them from adapting. Deer learn they have nothing to fear when confronted with the same obstacle again and again.

DeerTech's combination of sound, treatment, and switching things up so the deer can't adapt is far superior to fencing alone. DeerTech can help you with deer in New York, New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Read about why our Three Circles of Protection Program is so successful. Take look at a typical property we work on and our for the trade and featured garden pages where you can find out more information about DeerTech. We also offer extermination and control services for ticks.

Call DeerTech for help with NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA deer at 800-468-3337 or find your local branch to schedule an appointment today!

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DeerTech is a proven solution with thousands of satisfied customers. It takes Three Circles of Protection to outsmart hungry deer. Nothing is more effective. Our customers tell us all the time: DeerTech is the best solution for deer management in NY, NJ, DE, CT, and PA and for protecting their valuable landscaping.

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