Deer Prevention, Control, and Treatment FAQ

Q: Does it really work?

A: Absolutely! While no solution is 100%, our customers report a 95% satisfaction rate with our combination of Sound, Sprays, and Switching things up so the deer can't adapt. If there is ever a problem, you can call our responsive customer service department and your service technician will come out right away to perform a free service call. Moreover, DeerTech is so confident in their solution that they give every new customer a 60 day FREE trial.

Q: Will I still see deer on my property?

A: Yes. Deer may pass through your property on the way to find someplace else to eat or even linger within the protected area. However, the combination of the ultrasound, sprays, and switching things up disrupts the deer's desire to eat on your property. They may browse briefly, but the DeerTech system makes eating conditions so uncomfortable for deer, they move on quickly.

Q: Why should I choose DeerTech over a fence?

A: Deer are incredibly determined and athletic animals. The Audubon Society reports that white tail deer can hurdle an 8-foot fence. Others simply burrow under or push through it. Electronic fences are not advised in areas where there are children or pets. And finally, fencing is prohibitively expensive on large properties.

Q: Why should I choose DeerTech over treating alone?

A: Weather can render sprays ineffective. A strong rain washes sprays away. Even a thin coating of snow neutralizes the scent. Further, deer are often not afraid of predator scents when they are strong. Deer are built for speed and feel confident in their ability to outrun predators when there is no snow or ice on the ground. Scents and sprays have to be changed seasonally to keep the deer off-balance and prevent them from adapting.

Q: Will the DeerTech system work with just the DeerTech ultrasonic units?

A: Unfortunately, no. As many people have already learned with just treating or fencing, one approach alone is not enough to deter hungry deer. They are hungry and smart and they adapt. For this reason, DeerTech only provides its ultrasound in combination with our monthly service program. It takes Three Circles of Protection (Sound, treating, and Switching things up) to protect your tasty plants from hungry deer.

Q: Why does treating work in combination with DeerTech's patented ultrasonic units?

A: To a deer, ultrasonic frequencies from our patented units sound like a 747 jet engine. And yet, determined deer will still eat in those conditions. However, when they smell predator scents while being bombarded by ultrasonic frequencies, they don't eat. Our biologists tell us this is because the deer think they may be in real danger. The ultrasonic frequencies neutralize the deer's natural speed advantage. They can't hear a predator sneaking up or identify where a predator may be, so the deer quickly leave the area. Of course, DeerTech has to keep switching things up. Otherwise, smart, hungry deer can adapt to this clever ruse.

Q:Will the Three Circles of Protection hold up in the weather?

A:The ultrasound works perfectly in the rain. We will visit your property monthly as a second layer of protection. And by switching the sound and sprays up, we keep the deer off-balance.

Q:How easy is it to start with DeerTech?

A: Incredibly easy. Just call us. We'll send a deer expert out to do an on-property assessment and create a custom plan for your property. DeerTech will handle all the installation. You have to do nothing but enjoy your landscaping.

Q: Are the ultrasound frequencies safe for my pets and songbirds?

A: Yes. We engaged Oxford Risk Research and Analysis, a research firm started by three tenured Oxford University scientists to study the effects of our system on dogs, cats, song birds and livestock. Their findings indicated that none of these animals are bothered by the system. Your pets will continue to enjoy your property and songbirds will thrive, especially as your landscaping becomes lush with new growth and cover.

Q: Can children hear ultrasonic frequencies?

A: Occasionally. We get calls that small children can hear frequencies when they are close to the speakers that teenagers and adults can not. While this is rare, we can come out and adjust the frequencies so these children do not hear them and still repel the deer.

Q: Will the ultrasonic units ruin the look of my landscaping?

A:The units have been specifically designed for outdoor landscaping use. What we here is they are noticeable, only if you look for them, but are substantial enough to keep deer away.

Q: Do you run wires to the units and how are they powered?

A: Low voltage wires (similar to decorative landscaping) are buried by trained professionals in less than a day. You won't even know we were there.

Q: Is this a lyme disease prevention tool?

A: No. Unfortunately, most deer ticks are actually carried by field mice. You should always take proper precautions when walking in high deer tick areas. Also, a tick control program is recommended. DeerTech offers this program in parts of their service area, call for more details.

Q: Will the ultrasonic units go down if the power goes out?

A: Yes. This leaves your landscaping temporarily vulnerable. However, it is our experience that once Deer believe an area is unsafe for eating, they do not return instantly (within days). This gives time for the power to reset and return to the speakers. All units have a small safety light that shows whether they are receiving power or not.

DeerTech can help you with deer in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Take a look at our customer testimonials and trade professional testimonials.  Please review our pest control FAQ and customer photo gallery pages for further insight about DeerTech and the customers we service.

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DeerTech is a proven solution with thousands of satisfied customers. It takes Three Circles of Protection to outsmart hungry deer. Nothing is more effective. Our customers tell us all the time: DeerTech is the best solution for deer management in NY, NJ, DE, CT, and PA and for protecting their valuable landscaping.

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