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Hungry deer are smart. DeerTech's Three Circles of Protection is the perfect combination of deer deterrents to keep hungry deer from eating your tasty plants.

DeerTech uses a combination of sound, treatments, and switching things up so the deer can't adapt is a far superior solution to deer fencing or treating alone. Product development and field experience on thousands of properties in high deer pressure areas has proven DeerTech's effectiveness; it has over a 95% customer satisfaction rate and ability to offer all of our new customers a 60 day trial.
Deer are determined, athletic, smart animals. So how does DeerTech succeed where fencing or treating alone have failed? We don't underestimate this formidable opponent.

DeerTech developed an effective deer deterrent to help your deer problem that does not harm deer, pets, or people. We employed biologists with expertise in deer behavior, partnered with Cornell University on deer research, and undertook extensive field testing to create the best deer deterrent solution on the market.

The Science of DeerTech - Deer Deterrent Devices in NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA

DeerTech's Three Circles of Protection creates an environment that is perceived as dangerous and deters deer by attacking all their senses. Here's how DeerTech's solution works:

Sound: Our patented ultrasonic units emit sounds that compare to the equivalent of a 747 jet to a deer. It is imperceptible to the human ear, but to deer, ultrasonic frequencies blocks their greatest natural defense-hearing. Our electronic deer deterrent in NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA is disconcerting to deer. But, in most cases, not enough to keep hungry deer from eventually eating if they continuously observe no predators in the area and learn to listen through the sound.

Treatments: Predator scents in combination with ultrasonic sound continue to make the deer feel unsafe eating in this area. Deer are built for speed and can simply outrun predators they hear sneaking up, particularly when they are strong (in the Spring, Summer, and Fall) and there is no snow or ice on the ground. But ultrasound in combination with treatments changes all of that. Deer smell a predator, but can't identify where the predator might be hiding or hear which direction they may strike from which is an effective natural deer deterrent in NY, NJ, PA, CT, and DE. This makes it unsafe for them to bury their eyes in your plants to eat. Additionally, the treatment makes the plants taste undesirable to deer so the whole, now scary process of eating your tasty plants becomes outright unappealing.

Switch: Even the two circles of Sound and Treatments, while significant barriers, can be penetrated over time as smart deer learn to adapt. This is why DeerTech switches things up monthly to keep the deer off-balance. Deer are creatures of habit. They don't like changes in their environment. New smells and new sounds scare them. A DeerTech field technician visits your property monthly to observe and adjust accordingly the system depending on the season, weather changes, and changes in the deer behavior on your property. in a new place, or with a new scent creates a potentially dangerous environment that repels eating. It's important to understand that deer are as individual as people. It is up to the DeerTech field technician using their field expertise gained on hundreds of properties to identify your deer's behavior pattern and adjust the system to prevent the deer from destroying your plants.

Every Deer Repellent Solution is Custom

Every property is unique and requires a customized deer repellant solution to outsmart hungry deer. A DeerTech field technician comes to your property and does an assessment and free plan to meet your objectives.

The DeerTech field technician will work with you to identify which key areas of your landscaping you want to protect and what plants you or your landscaper might want to add. They will then design the sound, treating, and monthly service program that will be the best solution for protecting plants on your property.

Deer Deterrents Are Much Less Expensive than Reinvesting in Landscaping

The cost of DeerTech's customized solution depends on the size of the property, the density and behavior of deer in the area, and key areas a homeowner wants to protect.

DeerTech's cost is substantially less than the cost of fencing or replanting landscaping. And, our experience and feedback from thousands of customers shows that treating or sound alone simply does not protect your plants.

What do you have to lose?

DeerTech can help you with deer in New York, New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

You can see why our program works better than fencing or treating alone. Take look at a typical property we work on and our for the trade and featured garden pages where you can find out more information about DeerTech. We also offer extermination and control services for ticks.

Call DeerTech for help with NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA deer at 800-468-3337 or find your local branch to schedule an appointment today!

DeerTech is your best solution for "Outsmarting Hungry Deer"

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Why Choose DeerTech?

DeerTech is a proven solution with thousands of satisfied customers. It takes Three Circles of Protection to outsmart hungry deer. Nothing is more effective. Our customers tell us all the time: DeerTech is the best solution for deer management in NY, NJ, DE, CT, and PA and for protecting their valuable landscaping.

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